Black And Other PoC Characters Are Just Fine The Way They Are, Thanks

My only gripe with white people and whitewashing is that I wish white people would just admit that they are racist when it comes to black people and PoC in media. I wish they would admit that seeing black and brown faces in media and not behind the scenes makes them uncomfortable. They need to own up to the fact that they are harboring internalized racism from generations past and do better.

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Boring, Bitchy and Black

It’s weird how “oh he was just a cop” “oh he’s just military” is what comes up when talking about black people and their professions, but when white people bring up their own family members who were in those positions, there’s bumper stickers, t-shirts, family get togethers based on that profession, even if they only went to boot camp/the academy. A black person could have several medals, badges, ranks, and white people would still just scoff and complain about them “bragging”.

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